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    The objects you're using are good, but if you're interested there's some pretty cool stuff at the Dundjinni user creations forum. They're...fancier might be the best word. More elaborate.

    Additionally, I've found the bump mapping and drop shadow filters very helpful in creating stairs and raised areas of all kinds. Gradients are also helpful in that area. I'm actually still having a slightly hard time making raised platforms and stairs and whatnot that I'm completely happy with. Trial and error and all that.

    I'm a GIMP mapping newbie like you, and I've actually learned a ton from doing RobA's amazingly awesome tutorial on making Regional maps. It's not all applicable to your dungeon mapping endeavors, but what you'll learn about layer masks and overlays are a pretty sweet deal by themselves. I plan on applying a lot of the lessons I learned in his tutorial to my next dungeon.

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    Thanks Ill check it out right now! Im pretty bad with masks (understatement) Sometimes it all works other times I just end up being confused lol. Ive looked at the packs etc. In the future i'll use em I think but for now im trying to get a feel for what Im able to do with my own two hands so to speak.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! Im going to shelve this one for now im mostly happy with it as it is now Im going to move onto a new project!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalzix View Post
    Im pretty bad with masks (understatement) Sometimes it all works other times I just end up being confused lol.
    Run, I repeat, RUN (don't walk, soiree, jaunt, meander, saunter, creep, stroll, etc... RUN) over and read this tutorial [Award Winner] Explanation of Layer Masks in GIMP(and PS)

    -Rob A>

    PS Alecthar, thanks for the complement

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