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Thread: Cavern Systems

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascension View Post
    I'm gonna have that runnin thru my head now
    I'm just hoping my PCs understand the joke because that cavern has some feywild dire badgers in it. I will die a little inside as a GM if they don't realise what I "did there" so to speak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aegeri View Post
    Wow! That might be one of the most annoying (and ridiculous) things I've ever seen.
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    Does Hell actually have an address???


    Ok well I'm workin' on some more encounter maps these will be inside ancient ruins, I'm not going to do the whole city sorry guys, but just points of interest.
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    LOL! That badgers and snakes link was insane and immensely catchy. I had to put it on my Facebook profile. I now return you from this brief thread hijack and return to heathan666's excellent maps.

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