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Thread: First Chamber of Tomb Layout

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobA View Post
    There is a set of script-fu to simulate the basic photoshop layer effects:

    Unlike layer effects, if you change the layer (other than moving it) you need to delete the effects layers and re-apply them. But it is a handy time-saver.

    (p.s. really the only difference between a "glow" and "shadow" is the colour

    -Rob A>
    A little "auto-thread-necromancy" here.

    I thought this layer effect plugin didn't do a great job with the bevel/emboss, so I wrote my own over the weekend. After all the sweat and blood, I discovered this was already done, using the exact same method I though of!!!!

    It is also available as a python plugin, which I would recommend as it provides a preview button, and is a bit faster.

    Oh yeah. Link is here:

    -Rob A>

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    I like the shadows, they sell an overhead light source very well.

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    Man, this thread takes me back. Thats a great plug-in Rob. I am definately going to start messing with it. Thanks.

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