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    Don't get me wrong about the lights, re: doing them by hand. I have no problem with freehand work in a map. The thing I am bringing up is the inconsistency of style. If you prefer a more natural freehand approach to the lighting, thats fine, but then ditch the textures on the floor or fine something that looks good(Torstan has made some cool freehand tilling flagstone textures).

    Honestly, the torches are not bad at all(though perhaps a bit small radius wise), it's the fairly hard edge to the braziers lights that is messing me up. (the torches are quite lovely!) Plus, there are a few places where there is no light source that has white highlights, probably from the layer the script puts in set to overlay. If you plan to have your own light sources, delete that layer or tone it down a lot, perhaps setting to multiply so that it just darkens some areas of the floor(and reduce the opacity so that it's not too dark). Anyway, lots of things you can try...
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    Currently im soaking all info in, i have only had Gimp for about 3 weeks now, i have been following Tuts on here and people are pretty good in giving advise, i mean when they spot some thing they actully explain them selves instead of saying thats S#@t which is helping me to get better.

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