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Thread: Experimental Subterranean Styles

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    Number 3 is my favorite - but also like the red/orange one, it instantly brought my thought to desert dungeons
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    I like the base-relief one as a player handout for sure--but I don't know that it would pop for me in VTT/Screen usage. I think the lack of printing costs needs to be badly abused in that scenario. The white one I liked the best, but damn that's bright. LOL
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    Wow, I'm a big fan of the orange one. Any chance you could put up a tutorial on how you are doing it? I've only used CC3 a bit, but I have a friend who gave me his old laptop with CS4 on it, so I would like to learn how to use it for map making.

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    Initial black and white drawing was created in Adobe Illustrator (vector graphics) then imported into photoshop into separate layers ( walls were separated from floor, etc.) layer styles and image manipulation was added to layers in photoshop. Luckily i have access to very inexpensive printing so I am less concerned with printing costs.

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