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"You guys are too nice", "Apologies" and more randomness ala Jalyha

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First of all... You guys are too nice.

Part of what I liked when I found this place is that everyone takes/gives criticism constructively. That's important, because that's how people learn, usually.

And yet, no one has really said anything was wrong with my scribbles. (okay a couple people, tiny details, nothing big).

Meanwhile I'm picking your maps apart with a nit comb, trying to find ANYTHING to critique/suggest to help out.

So then I think.. maybe I'm being *too* picky. It happens, with me, a lot.

Which brings me to apologies. You see, I have a social disorder (couple of them, actually). I'm missing that part in my brain that says "this isn't socially acceptable." You know, the part of your brain that tells you "No, I shouldn't tell fart jokes to my girlfriend's grandma" or that picks up social cues, like "hmm, the guy is looking at his watch, he must want to leave (or want me to leave?)"

But that's also the part of my brain that would say "shut up, Jalyha, enough is enough, you're going to offend/upset someone!" And it's the part that should tell me when I *have* upset/offended someone.

So.. the last two days, 2 different people have referred to arguments or disagreements I was having with them. I didn't realize it was an argument/disagreement, until they said something.

I apologized, though I still don't understand why it was....

So here's this. I apologize, right now, to anyone I have offended, at any point in time since I got here. I did not intend to. I haven't seen/spoken to a single person here, yet, that' I've had any sort of bad feeling toward. So, I'm sorry. And if I upset/offend you at any time in the future, please let me know. If you don't tell me, I'll never know at all.

Also feel free, at any point, to tell me to back off/shush up/go away.

And you probably don't have to worry about ever offending me. I don't offend easily.

"Jalyha, this map is rubbish, everything is totally wrong, you should start over and this time do XYZ and ABC instead. Noob."

"Oh cool, I didn't know that"

*tries again*

I'll probably think we're buddies after that, and stalk you all over the forums

ALL THAT being said... I'm pretty happy/excited today. I'm having what I hope is a lively discussion, I LOVE my new tablet, and I actually finished a semi-decent map. Not the one I want to make, but it's a real, honest to goodness map, with information and everything!. Go ME!!!!

(Does mapping a world make anyone else FEEL LIKE A GOD??)

Also, My MLP avatar is starting to annoy me. I may change it soon. What should I choose?!?!

OH and a funny, for those who think kids are cute.

My son (4 years old!) is "meme" crazy. Today I asked him to pick up one area of his room, and he didn't. So I'm teasing and I said "You had ONE JOB!" and he laughed, then says "Youu don't say?" and holds up his hands.

So I say (still trying to get the room cleaned) "If you clean up the whole room, I'll give you some ice cream!"

And he freezes and says, "Challenge ACCEPTED" in his little baby voice and I was laughing pretty hard.

Speaking of which, I have to go get my kid some ice cream.

I'm hyper today o.o I think maybe too much caffeine
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  1. Scoopz's Avatar
    MLP avatar... change it to...

    ... a thumbs up. Because you seem to like everyone's posts, in fact when you don't like my posts, it leaves me rather upset

    ... It's really the only thing that I base my success on: "How many likes from Jalyha do I get?"
  2. Jalyha's Avatar

    I tend to like things for various reasons... teaches me something, it's funny, it's a good map/picture or an improvement, or someone had a good idea... and usually when I can't add anything to what was said.

    maybe I do overdo it a little...
  3. Caenwyr's Avatar
    nah, you have no idea how good it makes us feel
  4. madcowchef's Avatar
    I've personally benefited from your critiques so keep them up. If I am not interested in a price of advice I simply ignore it. Arguments and conversations both take two participants.
  5. RobA's Avatar
    Thanks for the nice words!

    -Rob A>

    P.S. Like the tiara avatar