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A warm fuzzy feeling :)

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Sometimes I just rejoice in the guild. I love making maps, I actually love it more than I thought I would before I joined the guild. Back then, I just slapped together a map, often an hour before game session. Now I work on maps for hours and hours, and as those of you who knows me, not only maps but also stuff like compasses and tiles. The guild has obviously sparked something in me - deep down in my bones ... but its not only the map making - the forum itself is fantastic, all these beautiful maps, made by wonderful people. Where else but in Cartographers Guild can you find people commenting and helping their competitors in the monthly competition, telling people how to make their maps better even though they themselves are competing - that is a fantastic trait in the users in here. We're all here cause we love maps, some are roleplayers like me, some are writers working on their next or first novel, some are game makers, online or offline, and some just appreciate the art. And everybody is helping everybody else - cause what we get in return is help, friendly banter, cool comments, lots of love and... beautiful maps.
So go out there, spread the rep, spread the love, make your comments, say hi - or lurk around until you're ready - cause the guild wants you no matter who your are, and where you're from.

have a great mapping day


  1. a2area's Avatar
    Hear Hear! 'Tis a great place! The catalyst that helped me boost my mapping skills quite a bit over a very short period.

    We're competing?? Well, maybe just enough to spur each other on.. all in good fun

  2. tilt's Avatar
    exactly... all in good fun
  3. ravells's Avatar
  4. tilt's Avatar
    aquavit also typical make all in good fun