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The Forest Tower

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Rog Nenshen sat at the end of the bar at the Grinning Goblin Tavern holding a tall mug of dark Riverhewn Ale. This was his customary position on most nights as it allowed him to tell and hear stories to and from the adventurers that frequented his tavern. Tonight was no exception. There was a small crowd in front of Rog now all eagerly listening to the taverner's story." Now believe me or don't that's ye's choice but I can tell ye I was there and saw with my own eyes the horror of it all." He took a sip of his ale and glanced around the tavern all seemed well so he continued." The forest tower is older than the kingdom older than everything some say." He paused here for effect." I went there 20 years ago when I was no older than you pups full of meself and cocksure of my skills." He chuckled to himself it seemed very long ago that he was their age." I have a map I can let ye use but I can warn ya stay away from that tower it'll bring nothing but death to ye." He handed the leader of the adventuring band a well worn cloth map of the kind that doesn't rip easily. He could see the fire in the young adventurers eyes as if he could barely constrain himself from running out the door right at that minute. Rog shook his hand and nodded to the rest of the men" Good luck to ye and remember if ye live come back to the Goblin for a free pint to tell us the tale."....
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  1. jlficks's Avatar
    Not bad jtougas. Good intro to your map. You've got a good voice. Have you ever considered writing?