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Introductions, Stepping Stones, and Future Dreams

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At one point, I could never understand why some people allow their dreams and passions to die away. Buried under piles mediocrity and tedious work. Then I'm brought back to my time in college, sitting in my networking class, listening to my professor talk about "dreams". He told my class, "Don't follow your dreams. You'll just be disappointed in the long run. Dreams and passions can die off just as easily as they start, and sooner or later, you'll come to hate what you once loved." I stupidly took that to heart, and tried to bury my dreams of writing and creation under piles of lies and money. I thought that so long as I looked at the amount of money being thrown in my face, I could be satisfied with some 9 to 5 job working with computers.

$70,000 later, I am now stuck as a courier delivering mail. It wasn't that I didn't try hard enough to work a job in I.T. Hell, I have both my associates and bachelors degree, but what I lacked was motivation and a sense of passion for my work. I discovered this while my wife was driving me to work one day as I was studying for certifications for Net+ and Security+. I just couldn't stay focused on the material. Always my mind would wonder to my writings. Trying to put pieces to my world together, bridging gaps in my time-lines, and mulling over the motives of my characters. That is what got my torch burning. That is what sparked the flames in my soul and gave the passion I had lost long ago.

I closed my textbook and sighed in realization. "Honey.... I can't do it. This isn't for me." Is what I told my wife, halfway to my job.

"What do you mean?" She turned down the radio to hear me speak.

"I'm just wasting my time with this studying. This isn't what I want in life." Was the only thing I could manage to say.

"Okay... then what?" Though she kept her eyes on the road, she listened intently as I explained to her about my writings and need for fulfillment. The best part about it though? In the end, she agreed with me.

Even though I have been writing and world building for about five years now, these past two years have been the greatest times for me. All the back story I've worked out, all of the history I have created and am still creating, all of the characters I have made and am still making today... That's what I love to do. That is what brings that satisfying smile to my face and that sense of purpose to my life. That is what helps me sleep soundly at night, and helps wake me up nice and refreshed. That is what I have worked to achieve everyday.

Anyways, I don't know why I went on about that. Sometimes it's just best to write what you feel, and at the moment, that's what was mulling around in my head.

So maps. That's what this site is for right? I love maps you know? Maps are great! You know, how they tell you where you are and where you are going and all that. Yeah.... My maps suck. For now. That's why I'm here. To learn about map making and to make a map I don't cringe at every time I look at it. Not only will these maps be used for me, but for the people who are interested in reading my material when I finally do put it up. You know, as reference and all that! I have big dreams for my future, and I hope you all do to if you aren't already living them! Never give up! Never surrender!
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  1. jlficks's Avatar
    Well said. Looks like you and I are running side by side. Go get those dreams, Theo.