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Thread: Protector 4

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    Great stuff. Well done on landing the commission and good work with the final result. Congratulations!
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    congratulations on a job well done. Really good map, like ... well, all of it ... have some rep *KACHZING*
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    I started playing Protector 4 today, it's interesting, but it takes a lot of time, more than the usual TDs. The map is awesome, too awesome for this game I would say

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    I forgot to update as promised when the final game became available, the front post has been updated to reflect current information.
    For those who do't want to go back to page one, the game can be found at

    I was checking out various reviews on the game. Most of the comments are in relation to the gameplay, very few on artwork. However on one site there was a compliment on the map, citing "obvious improvement on production value" Yay!

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    That was a pretty fun game, I used to play it a lot a few years ago. Kudos on getting the main map.
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