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Thread: Battles for a Continent board wargzame map.

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    Default Battles for a Continent board wargzame map.

    Hi all:

    I am still a bit of a noobie to all this so if I am posting in the wrong place, let me know. I finished up a map for White Dog Games called "Battles for a Continent: Quebec and St-Foy". It turned out nice enough that I thought I would display it here.

    I actually already have a thread on its development here-

    Basically I used Photoshop CS4, with buildings ported out of CC3. Since White Dog Games provided me with a "play-test" copy of the original map, it was relatively easy to develop (I didn't have to decide where anything went). All I did was start with a grungy old paper background and tried to stay with an old map theme. Turned out quite well, IMHO. Probably my best map to date.
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    Nice, the hexes remind me of Battle for Wesnoth.

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