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Thread: Update from TheRedEpic...

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    As somebody else likes to put it:

    Made of win and awesome. And a lobby shootout...

    I usually get discouraged from drawing when remembering that I never drew anything really the way I had imagined it. But seeing this makes my fingers itch - though it's probably not so good to get inspired by something so awesome, because I can't draw that way, but want to...

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    The only way to get better is to practice! I've heard it said that everyone's got about 500 crummy drawings in them, and the trick is to get those all out of the way first so you can start making the good stuff. I think I'm through about 200 so far...
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    Map Maps for personal commission...

    Here is an update for maps that make up a lrger map i had done earlier for Bill4747... Each is a detailed map on it own.

    More too come...
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    Jared! Good to see you poke your head back in here.

    These detail maps are amazing as always. I have serious art envy when I look at your maps, and these keep that fine tradition of coveting going strong...

    I definitely wish I had your sense of color coordination. You do such a wonderful job in both aligning and contrasting colors, not to mention darks & lights. And something else I plan to borrow from you (and a couple other sources) is the use of fall and winter foliage/colors in forest maps; most maps use green forests for maps.

    Thanks so much for posting these!
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