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Thread: Greyhawk: Atlas of the Flanaess part 47

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    It seems I run into this on every php board in the world . "Tup" is of course an old-English phrase for, erm, well, shall we say "Physical congress" for the sake of politeness?

    Of course the way that I mean it is a little less risque ROFL. The emoticon :tup: is supposed to bring up a little graphic of a "Thumbs up" to indicate approval or agreement but, as is now apparent, that doesn't work here :O.

    EDIT: Neither, it seems, does the 'embarassment' emotion :eek: (or should that rather be at this board ).

    Ah well, time to persuse what smilies there are here so az I kann spake der lingo proper right ..
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    Quote Originally Posted by ravells View Post
    And :tup: ? (Let's hope you're using that in the non-English sense too! Lol!)
    OK made me look it up on Wikipedia

    I'm hoping it is the last definition.....

    -Rob A>

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    For what it's worth, I thought it meant "Thumbs up" Sukerkin. I use that smilie from time to time as well, but on another board and you have to spell it out.
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