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Thread: Portfolio Island

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    I think I'm finished with the site now. I put a few more hints up and added some text.

    @ Dmitri and Gallifreyan

    thanks, guys. And again someone who found the (not yet existing) treasure!

    @ Dain


    Okay, here is the story how to find the treasure:

    About me -> See the hint at the bottom.
    Village of the lost Treasure -> No one knows, where the treasure is hidden. Really No One?
    The nostalgic Chevalier -> He might not be found very quick, but he leans often out of the upper window in his tower. He talks about a legendary hero called Nokuta Oneeko Cuhimbachalalu, short No One.
    Tower of No (I think I'll rename it to Tower of Cuhimbachalalu) -> just beside is a little sign. The same sign (in big) points allready to another link. If you visit him (click), he tells you what he knows about the treasure.
    Somewhere now appears an X. Eyes up ... it should not be too hard to find.

    I don't know if I have thought too crazy ... but I hope this might be possible enough for everyone to find the treasure, even without knowing that one is existing.

    If I did any english mistakes (particular grammatical mistakes) in the text-images, I would bid you honestly to correct me.

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    Nice site. I read top post clicked on site and started looking for treasure and found it tough so I grabbed your CSS and looked it up then it was a bit easier Its a nicely put together site and I hate flash too so super kudos to you and some rep as well.

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