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Thread: Star Wars Deckplans and Battlemaps

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    Map Star Wars Deckplans and Battlemaps

    Citadel Class Cruiser

    This is my first attempt at designing a deck plan. The Citadel Class Cruiser is one ship I couldn't find any deck plans for anywhere so it seemed like a good place to start. I use these plans for role-playing Star Wars Saga on Myth Weavers and are willing to share them for non commercial purposes with any Star Wars fans out there

    Star Wars Deckplans and Battlemaps-legendsofthevoidstalkers.jpgStar Wars Deckplans and Battlemaps-citadel_class_cruiser_2.jpgStar Wars Deckplans and Battlemaps-citadel_class_cruiser.jpgStar Wars Deckplans and Battlemaps-cruiser_with_ywings.jpg

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    Other than the pink (which is a bit overwhelming), I think they look pretty good.
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