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Thread: The Hourglass of Zihaja: The World of Siraaj

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    Very nice . I especially love the texture in the landscape, beautifully done.

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    Moving up north

    Map Siraaj Unlabeled

    Here is an unlabeled version of the map, for those who would rather gawk at the geography & my passable texture work than look at all the roads & towns which are not relevant to you. For those who genuinely are interested in this world, its regions, its places, & its cities, you can check out the campaign setting (Hourglass of Zihaja) that this is based on here.

    For the record, there is a deliberate river violation: the two large rivers in the center of the map converge into a small lake, only to split again for a while before finally dumping into the larger lake in the bottom-middle. The explanation for this specific phenomenon can be found here. Suffice to say, it is the result of a cataclysmic weather-changing event a few hundred years ago, which will eventually result in the drying up of one of those two lower riverbeds.

    For some reason, I've had trouble uploading images here in the past, & the big map is huge (4,925×4,925 pixels), so click on the thumbnail below to be linked directly to the big map hosted on DeviantArt.

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    I like this map, the terrain has a very rough feeling. I´m with you that those atlas maps don´t need fancy brushes. But for laying down some scattere terrain features ( woods ) they can come in handy.

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