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Thread: Harich Village

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    Map Harich Village

    This is the first map of a village I ever made.
    I am beginning to develop my own style, and that's so great! I hope you like what you'll see. I have combined several tutos I've picked up here and there, and assembling together, it begins to be fun, doesn't it?

    I am still looking for something enabling me to make my parchment look more real (like some folds for example?)

    Harich Village-coast-village-harich.jpg

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    Very Nice !! for folds I create a new layer on top of everything and draw a 5px line across the map at about 50% opacity if its too dark you can lower the opacity of the layer itself. Keep up the good work!!

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    Here are a couple of very nice tutorials on making weathered parchment that you should be able to apply to your project, one for Gimp and one for PS:
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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