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Well, I looked at the river stuff, and boy am I rather shocked at my flawed logic on this one.
Don't be surprised... many, many, many, many people have thought the same. It is one of those things that 100 years ago everyone would have known, but is a foreign concept to most urban people!

Like the overall layout of the map, and most of my comments follow others' (the rivers being the big one for me). You can fix that river in Salinfax by rotating it 180 degrees to still hit both towns and run into the Al-Hassar bay, btw.

I'd also question some of the city placements. The one at the North tip of the Isle of Mordel (can't read the name) should probably be at the river mouth. Shaledin on the edge of a swamp? (but maybe they mine peat)...

The mountains.....ah, the mountains. I personally don't like this style, but then have no better style to offer up You are using isometric symbols for the hills, however, so might try similar styles for the mountains.....one where you draw in the ridgeline, then fill in the slopes isometrically?

and lastly the fonts. Try to make all the fonts readable at the same scale. I have to squint and move close (and still can't make out) the small ones then glance over and get scared by the big ones

Two questions back at you... what software are you using, and what is your preferred rig for the photojournalism?

-Rob A>