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Thread: D&D 4E Nentir Vale Maps

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    Map D&D 4E Nentir Vale Maps

    Hello there.
    I was upset that there were no expanded maps post the new adventures produced by wizards of the coast. What could I show my players of where they were going?
    I proceeded to add onto the map canvas and use the photoshop clone tool to add the new features as described in published adventures in D&D 4e. The result of my modifications is a map with an extra 40 miles west of Nentir Vale.

    I also created a map with the Bloodspear orcs lands to the north, the discoloured style suggests that the orcs themselves produced the map on parcement.

    Re: This board doesn't have its own picture server?

    Nentir Vale expanded.

    Orc lands Nentir Vale
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    Very Nice. (those are some artistic Orcs..)
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    Yep, kudos to the Orc cave artist!
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    It seems like 'Shadowfell Keep' and 'The Temple of Yellow Skulls' got lost during your modifications, but otherwise very nice.

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