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Thread: Commission: Evarlund

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravells View Post
    Lovely work! I really like that dashed coastal effect! how did you do the trees? Does inkscape have a vector brush or did you copy and paste them by hand?
    I drew about 30 trees by hand using the pattern along path to get the trunk shape (each tree is one path with a path shape effect grouped with a duplicate path having a white fill to mask out stuff behind).

    I then use the spray tool to clone these into clusters of 3-10 with some scale randomization, that were restacked back-to-front then grouped.

    To make the large forest areas, I spray cloned these groups and then treaked their positions using the node sculpt tool, then spray cloned individual trees around the borders A restack on everything to set the z-order to go top to bottom finished it up.

    Using clones this way makes inkscape quite efficient to run. Of course when exported as an eps file all the clones and groups get flattened out to individual paths.

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    Thanks for sharing the process!
    I will try to translate this method to illustrator - should be pretty much the same procedure.

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