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Thread: Ilmuera, city in the Darklands

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    Yea.. that confused me as well... This sure would be one expensive tear off sheet to hand over to a "final" of course, He would be meaning that Rob did the Regional Map in which this city is located...
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    My bad. I'm not a a native english speaker and I did learned my english reading D&D books, no proper schooling or anything

    By "render" I mean Rob got my image from Paizo and he re-draw (I'm not sure if this is the proper way to say it) the whole thing again with his own style and tools. The map you'll see in The Serpent's Skull #5 book is a complete new map based on this illo.

    My work here was to design the city map. James Jacobs gave me a small description of what he would like and I started from scratch. He asked for a finished map (all nicely colored and all, no tags thou) for a better reference for the authors. Also, this map was given to the authors for reference when writting about this places. Normally the author of an adventure does his own map and this sketch is given to the cartographer to do the city. In this case James added a "third party" to do the city design.
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    Very interesting process they use there. I like it though, it must make the design work they do on the adventures themselves much easier. Lazzeretti (sp) is a fantastic artist and I know they use him alot - I bet this really speeds up his end of the thing. It seems like a good way to maintain a consisitent "house" design/style as well.
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    That's magnificent, really love the colours in there.

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