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Thread: Zombie outbreak in Thunder Bay

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    Got my mark back, and it was terrible a 67%

    100% for creativity, but she complained about not having what she wanted on the map... she's one of these teachers that never tells you what she wants, then complains that she didn't get it... plus a ridiculously hard marker, and all that... 67 was believe it or not the 2nd highest mark in the class.

    She also gave us our Stats final, stating as she handed the tests out that it would only be on projects 3 and 4, nothing from any other projects. We got the test, only to find out it was 2 questions from project 2, and one question from project 3. Fun... i did fine, but it took me like 15 mins to convince myself that it acctually was from project 2, cause i couldn't believe she just said there wasn't going to be that on the test, yet there it was.
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    I hope that class has a curve! I've always disliked teachers like that. Tell me what you want, and you'll almost certainly get it. If you fail to accurately define the project, you've got no call to downrate submissions that do not meet your expectations. Grr...

    Okay, I'm all better now.

    Again, it's a brilliant idea and very well executed. So you get an 'A' from me!
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    What a fantastic concept! That's just great!


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    So when does the movie version come out?
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