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Thread: UCN Bettendorf -scifi map for the X-Plorers RPG

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    The colours work very well and it's very clear.

    Also, another typo: labratory should be laboratory.

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    I was looking intensely at the design and was wondering if it is slightly inspired by the first alien movie? If that's the case, you've hit it on the nail except for the middle section imo (as in there was no middle section in the movie).

    EDIT -> ok yeah, I missed the "Weyland Class" Well done.
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    You are correct. I made this map using the original plans for the Alien set as a rough guide. When researching to start this piece I stumbled upon the original set design for the ship, I really liked the non-linear and angular design (too often in the ship design we see everything boxy and symmetrical). That was something I wanted to emulate in this design and thus the similarity.
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