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Thread: Practice Map

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    Thanks all for the comments and advice, I do appreciate both. Su liam it was simple Ridged perlin from Terranoise. I dont htink I tweeked the roughness settings. I then brought it into Gimp. On a layer above it I rendered clouds as detailed by RobA in his tuts the blend mode was "overlay" in an attempt to get a bit more roughness. It was still a bit smooth so I increased the roughness for the mountains by using an additional bump map based on the mountain texture itself.

    By "clipping" do you mean the flat top on the mountains?

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    Yeah, the flat topped mountains.
    Just Ridged Perlin, huh? I thought there was at least some distortion there. It certainly looks stretched in places. I wasn't aware that Ridged Perlin could do that out of the box. It kind of resembles the stretched, twisted taffy effect you see on small-scale maps of the Himalayan region.

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