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Thread: Mass effect maps

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    (my first and probably the last post on this forum )

    I've made a map of the Mass Effect universe using the most accurate depiction of the Milky Way I could find. The map in the game is actually outdated in many respects and the new "map" is pretty different.

    Obviously, I had to make some compromises due to the inconsistency of the ME galactic geography with the real galaxy and also the internal ME inconsistencies. However, the map should be relatively accurate - more accurate than most other fan-made maps I could find. I plan to add "borders" later, but I don't consider that a priority since they mean very little in the ME universe. On that note, if a cluster is marked, say, as "Human Space", it means there is a significant presence of the species there. It doesn't imply the cluster is fully integrated into the species' polity.

    Mass effect maps-masseffect3galaxymapv2.jpg

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    My suggestion would be that the Crucible simply interfered with the Reapers' systems, and especially their shields, allowing Shepard's fleet to chop them to pieces.
    Exactly. I've made an effort to forget the ending and imagine an ending of my own - which is pretty much what you described, in combination with the indoctrination theory explanation of the "ending".
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