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Thread: Eryemiré - First of the Free Cities

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    Quote Originally Posted by occam99 View Post
    I like this one very much. It has nice clean lines that make it easy to look at, but still plenty of detail. The choice of monochrome on 'parchment' is very much in keeping with the style. I especially like the inset regional map that allows one to see the larger picture.
    I was thinking the same things, and I wish this site had a favorites system so I could save it, or the link at least, in a folder. Maybe I'll just make one in notepad. Not really the same thing though. Excellent map, this! Edit: Or in my browser's favorites, duh. XD
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    Really, really nice work here.

    I also just have to say that the triangular shape brings a very unifying perspective on the whole thing.

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