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Thread: Aguilia - my first map.

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    Map Aguilia - my first map.

    I'm new at this forum and I wanted to show You my maps. I've made it in Paint.NET. Which is better? Old-styled or normal map?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Aguilia - my first map.-paper-map.jpg   Aguilia - my first map.-normal-map.jpg  
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    They're the exact same thing in two different styles, you can't objectively say one version is better than the other. I'd consider the old-styled map prettier based on personal preference. It's a good map in either style, especially for one's first map and for being drawn in Paint.NET

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    They're both nice, just a bit too 'combined'. What I mean is, I'd lose the key or figure out a way to make it meaningful on the older style. And I'd modernize the font some on the full-color one.

    You have serious issues with your rivers. Take a look at Redrobes' Most Excellent Tutorial on how to get your rivers in the right place. The tenet of hydrography you are missing is that water takes the single 'best' route downhill. Rivers join on the way to the sea, but don't diverge - minor midstream islands and deltas notwithstanding. Applying that to lakes means there'll be but one outlet, though one can have multiple inlets.

    Keep working on it - you have a good look going there. And welcome to the Guild!

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    If you are using your maps for a roleplaying purpose, you could easily make the first one rougher - some missing details, burned edges, tears, etc. Then perhaps later the actual map on the right is available in the storyline. - martial arts distance learning directory, reviews, advice

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