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Thread: Hexagonal Helmand, or "War of the Poppies"

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    Map Hexagonal Helmand, or "War of the Poppies"

    Hi o/

    I recently finished my first and probably last attempt at a hexagonal grid map. A stupendous amount of work since I've never done it before, and the sore bits from compromises and occasional "Oh well that mistake won't be so obvious" now stand out a good mile away after completion. It was made for my friends at the 16AA (an Arma 2 milsim group), modelled on the Helmand province that we're currently playing a campaign on. Good game, thoroughly recommended.

    Now, this was done from ground up in photoshop and was rather laborious. The end result isn't perfectly true to the Steel Panthers: Main Battle Tank feel that it was so inspired from. If anyone can recommend software in which you neatly arrange textured tiles, instead of moving them individually into place and struggling with approx. 1200 tile items/textures, I should appreciate it and maybe in the future make another. =)

    Hexagonal Helmand, or "War of the Poppies"-gre2.pngHexagonal Helmand, or "War of the Poppies"-gre1.png

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    Making artistic hex maps is not easy, and these turned out great! Thanks for sharing.


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    You could try Campaign Cartographer it has a facility to create hex maps for Battletech and I'm sure could be useful with some personal tweaks

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