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Thread: Myth: The Fallen Lords World Map

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    Kryptos: Absolutely - have at it. Sorry for the delayed response.

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    Question cool map

    Quote Originally Posted by Destan View Post
    Not sure how many of you are (a) old enough and (b) nerdy enough to remember the 1997 computer game "Myth: The Fallen Lords" - but I'm setting a RPG campaign in that world with a mix of the Black Company books, and I was unable to find a nice, detailed map. This was my attempt to create one whole cloth.


    Edit: I neglected to mention that I picked up the shields (the symbols near the free cities along the west coast) somewhere at some time, but I have no recollection of where.
    That is an awesome map. I'd be interested to know how your campaign went as I will likely be doing something similar. What program did you use to make this, and if you don't mind can I have a copy of the original files so I can tweak it?

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