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Thread: City of Uruk for Fallen Empires.

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    Default City of Uruk for Fallen Empires.

    Population count - 1,000. Anything with a sane mind is on the upper tiers ... bad things dwell below.

    City of Uruk for Fallen Empires.-uruk.jpg

    Drawn on a Cintiq 24" HD Touch, trying to emulate my hand-drawn ink/paper style.

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    To be displayed as a full page in Fallen Empires by J. Carpio.
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    Very Cool.

    Even if I am correct, I would still advise you to follow your heart. This whole Cartographers Guild thing, it seems to me, is more about passion and skill and learning new techniques than it is about definitions and rules.
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    Beautiful map! I love your style.

    I am not sure though, I like the darker, "artificially made", straight lines. In my opinion they clash with the softer, more hand-drawn (natural) looking ones. It is apparent only when you zoom in on the work, so I guess it is not important at all... Sorry for picking at your amazing map. It went into my inspiration folder the moment I saw it (along with all the other city maps you've shown here on the Guild... ).

    I cannot wait to see what you come up with next.

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