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Thread: The Village of Albridge -Finished

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    Default The Village of Albridge -Finished

    Hi Everyone.

    Over in this thread I posted the progress of an expanded map of the Village of Albridge from D&D's "Reavers of Harkenwold" Adventure from the Essential's DM Kit. It's now finished (I think), complete with labels:

    If you want to get a good close-in look:

    This map is to be used with my gaming crew in order to plan out a battle that will take place in and around Albridge as part of the adventure. The invaders will approach from the south, and the players will be using this map to plan their defence.

    I had fun with this. I used CC3's City Designer module. I only used photoshop to crop it and to save it for web friendly sizes.

    Comments and Critique are welcome

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    Great job. I love these kinds of maps

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    Ya looks very lovely....

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    Nice little village! You should consider to change the standard CC3 scale bar and compass rose to more unique ones. They are used quite too often, but that's just personal taste

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