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Thread: hand drawn harbor town

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    Vellum, I have to say I'm really enjoying your hand drawn stuff. Makes me miss my pencil
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vellum View Post
    Hey Larb just for you MUHAHA I worked a bit on the town's coat of arms. Just a general concept atm, but I'll work it out
    Looks good to me, I especially like the fish! One thing you could do is draw high resolution silhouettes of each element and save them as a photoshop shape so you can easily use them again later. Or make them into vectors if you're more illustrator/inkscape focused. (I am not myself - I'd probably just use the live trace tool to do so!).

    It's always useful to have a bunch of heraldic elements on hand, especially ones directly related to your own world.

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    Thanks Jaxilon!! Hey don't forget pencils are cheap and so is copy paper LOL

    Larb, good idea I'll make the individual elements, and do a cut and paste. I need a better shell design, so I'll have to work that out first.

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    Great city map Vellum and a beginning of an awesome coat of arms design! Can't wait to see more.

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    Vellum, this is really good work. I love the building details and the chaotic mix of the streets. This would be a great map to use for almost any setting.

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