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Thread: Completed Map for Novel

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    That is a really nice map.

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    Alright... I know I said it was done (and it was), but Chashio made this comment on the W.I.P. thread: "One thing you may want to watch out for is the difference in values (light dark/contrast) of the forests and water bodies. The colors are very similar between them, too, but my eyes are finding it especially hard to keep them separated in the greyscale version since the only real difference is that the forests have trunks... vs. in the previous wip, you kept all of the trees lighter than the water."

    He was right, and even the fix I did for it kept bugging me in the grayscale. So, I tweaked it a little more. I also had to stretch it a little as I unfortunately made its dimensions just a bit off from the size needed for the print book. So... I promise. It is now done, and these are the last two I will post of this map. More when it gets close to time for Book Two:

    Completed Map for Novel-map-finished-wider-color.jpg
    and Grayscale
    Completed Map for Novel-map-finished-wider.jpg

    There they are. Also the short story set in that world is still on free promo on Amazon today through Sunday in case anyone is interested

    "How to be a Hero: Precursor to Treasures of Darkness~Treasures of Light"

    The full novel should be out within the month.

    Enjoy the maps. I've enjoyed making them and appreciated all the support here.

    Have a great weekend!


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    Lovely work, and congratulations on completing both your novel, and a lovely map for it!


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    Can't walk past this one. The map is really nice, I suppose, you are not a professional artist, but it looks perfect for fantasy - pseudomedieval style without wired filters reproducing old paper. The mountains look especially well, seems you spend a lot of time, finding suitable brush for each place. Forests and general coloring are almost perfect, the see is good enough too, but perhaps you should have draw a little bit more to the east, just to show there is only see,and no big isles.

    Some issues i can see, please consider them as abuse. The map is so good and belivable, you look to little flaws. Hope some of this might be useful.


    1. Rivers looks not very good. The main one seems to become narrower downstreams, and its beginning looks bad: 3 small to one really big. This river 'Moriella' has to many sub rivers compared to how many little streams are near the sea. And the problem with this streams is, that the one, that take its begining from the lake has to be bigger than others.

    2. The lack of scale is always not good, perhaps you have some reasons, but if you put the compass, there has to be a scale. Sure, any readers will look at it at the first glance.

    3. [A minor one]. I think the line at the 'Plains of Vendil' is a road, and it looks like there are just two roads, and none of them lies in most habitable part. The same with the small town names (little circles). Sure there are reasons of naming only few of them - most are in habitable part (seashore) they are here just because the has to be some towns. The other are plot-important and have to be named.
    But still, it is much better than in the map the same objects are all named or all not, just imagine it in the hands someone inside the world. The mark of Slavetowne is not necessary for him because it is near the City of Valkiliar, but if he wants to on of the towns of New Kingdom the map appears not useful.
    I must admit, there are huge chances, that with all the names for small towns the map will be look worse, so perhaps, your way is good. Still you should consider different markers for named places and not. And roads definitely better do not mark than just two of them ii is roads. At least throw the bridge must be one more.

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    Honestly I think sometimes trying to fit iconographic fantasy maps like this into a specified scale and projection can sometimes be rather counterproductive - especially when writing a novel, where being overly specific in your maps and appendixes is just asking for readers to find discrepancies.

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    Great looking maps! I followed the link and bought the book. Keep up the good work!

    Serving God and Country,

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