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Thread: Maps for Dreamscarred Press adventure

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    Default Maps for Dreamscarred Press adventure

    Hi all,
    I might have posted one or two of these already but figured I'd gather them into one thread. These were commissions for an upcoming adventure by Dreamscarred Press. They're pretty basic and were done fairly quickly...though it actually took me a long time to find some time to complete them!

    I haven't actually read the adventure so can't tell you much about it. I know that it involves some cultists worshipping the "fanged god". The god is represented as a crude painting on a stone slab in the Hideout and the Warehouse. The "god" itself is in the center of the building called Maw. Can't say I know much else.

    The little bits in Q1 and Q7 of the Maw map are coins, offerings I guess. Q3 is full of body parts...ick.

    The thing in A2 of the Warehouse is some sort of experiment the cultists are running. BTW, bit of advice: don't ever search Google Images for "bloated corpse".

    The Villa has been destroyed (obviously) and is occupied by some giant thingie that has a table made from a piece of the second floor in H4 and a bed made from mattresses and ripped bedding in H3. I can't really say what's up with the sunflowers in the pots...except that I did a very poor job with them. :0

    Hope you like.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Maps for Dreamscarred Press adventure-do-fanatic-hideout.jpg   Maps for Dreamscarred Press adventure-do-lirasse.jpg   Maps for Dreamscarred Press adventure-do-maw.jpg   Maps for Dreamscarred Press adventure-do-slaver-camp.jpg   Maps for Dreamscarred Press adventure-do-smithy.jpg  

    Maps for Dreamscarred Press adventure-do-villa.jpg   Maps for Dreamscarred Press adventure-do-warehouse.jpg  

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