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Thread: First Map - New Member

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    Default First Map - New Member


    Just started here. Here is my first attempt at a map.

    RaphaelFirst Map - New Member-lair-map.jpg
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    Hey welcome to the guild, thanks for sharing your map with us! I like your choice of colour, makes it very clear to see!

    Why not tell us a bit about the map, what is it for, what software you used to make it and so on!

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    Nicely done! I really like the rough block walls. Are the marked off areas in room 11 cages?

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    Hey thanks for the positive comments.

    Yes, the marked off area in room 11 are intended to be cages.

    I've been a lurker here for a while and I thought I'd have a try. This map is more experiment than anything else.

    My intended room use for was:

    1. Vaulted entry chamber.
    2. Ante-chamber.
    3. Another vaulted chamber serving as a nexus for hallways.
    4. Storage.
    5. Priest robing room. The Senior Priest can flee from room 10 to here in case of emergency. The lever on the wall allows him to acticate and deactivate the trapdoor hiding the pit trap!
    6. Acoylytes' quarters.
    7. Acolytyes' dining hall.
    8. Senior priest's sleeping area. A secret door permits escape. Not even the acolytes know of it.
    9. Senior priest's living area.
    10. Temple of the Dread God. A door is concealed behind a red velvet curtain.
    11. Prison with three cages. For living sacrifices.
    12. Summoning room.
    13. Body disposal room. Heaped to ceiling with bones. Closet contains forgotten treasure.

    Every trope in the book!

    EDIT: I drew it in ink, scanned it, and coloured it using MS Paint.

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