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Thread: Some new D&D battlemaps (AoNF-Orcus)

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    Default Some new D&D battlemaps (AoNF-Orcus)

    Assault On Nightwyrm Fortress (Orcus Conversion) Encounter Maps
    I was commissioned to remake a series of dungeons and dragons encounter maps for Myrhdraak's Prince of the Undead Conversion of Assault On Nightwyrm Fortress (here ( I remade maps for the WotC module last year (see sig) and also made one map (G16 Heart of Darkness) for Myrhdraak (G16 is the last map in this) thread. [Note: I did not do A1 or A3 because they were perfect; I had already made G12 and G16; I left out G4, G5 and G8 urban maps but might do them later].

    I have no idea why I keep making maps for this particular module – it is widely considered to be the worst dungeons and dragons module ever made! Nevertheless I like these maps and they can be used by people for other purposes perhaps. I have uploaded reasonable quality versions of them here.

    Maps are generally 100 pixels = 1 inch = 1 grid square (the exception is G12 which is 200 pixels = 1 inch/grid). Maps were created using the Gimp and use resources from the dunjinni forums. All maps are for non-commercial use only.

    A2 Sarthel library (before and after)

    Some new D&D battlemaps (AoNF-Orcus)-a2-sarthel-library.jpg Some new D&D battlemaps (AoNF-Orcus)-a2-sarthel-librarynight.jpg

    G1 High Eyrie (note: this is my favourite map of the lot!)

    Some new D&D battlemaps (AoNF-Orcus)-g1-eyrie-overview-resized.jpg

    G6 Masqerade day/moonlit challenge map

    Some new D&D battlemaps (AoNF-Orcus)-g7-masguerade.jpg

    G7 Masquerade night combat map

    Some new D&D battlemaps (AoNF-Orcus)-g7-masgueradenighttime-2.jpg

    G10 Undead manor (combines with G11 on two sides for SUPER MAP x4!!!)

    Some new D&D battlemaps (AoNF-Orcus)-mansions-shadowa1.jpg

    G11 House of Shadows (combines with G10 on two sides for SUPER MAP x4!!!)

    Some new D&D battlemaps (AoNF-Orcus)-mansions-shadow2.jpg

    G12 The Darkwell

    Some new D&D battlemaps (AoNF-Orcus)-darkwellorange.jpg

    G14 Resting Dragons (2 parts)

    Some new D&D battlemaps (AoNF-Orcus)-g14-nesting-dragons-1-.jpgSome new D&D battlemaps (AoNF-Orcus)-g14-nesting-dragons-2-.jpg

    G15 Barrowmere's study (2 parts)

    Some new D&D battlemaps (AoNF-Orcus)-g15-nesting-dragons-combined1.jpgSome new D&D battlemaps (AoNF-Orcus)-g15-nesting-dragons-combined2.jpg
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    Nice work Jacktannery !
    I 'm a fan of your work ... truely so you have a french fan :p
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