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Thread: Dreeston and Surrounds

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    It is, as usual, a very beautiful piece of work. Amazing...

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    Superb. I particularly like the feel that the ridges are truly impassable. The colour is nice too and I have a habit of NW lighting too. Don't know why but stuff don't look right in south lighting. I think its because we look at things from the front and the sky is up so most objects are lit from above. Hard to mentally break the habit when looking down on a map I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by torstan View Post
    Oh, forgot to mention in this thread - if anyone wants this for the CWBP they are welcome to it. I came in a week late for the July challenge, but it's up for grabs none the less. I can easily change names and even the roads and town locations if necessary. Just let me know if there is a place for it.
    Thanks Torstan, the CWBP thanks you too. I'm going to copy your map into "the maps looking for homes" section of the CWBP board.

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    That is a sweet map. I tend to like maps as published in the original Forgotten Realms for gaming, but that is an awesome piece of art.

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    Love the whole thing, the color balance is something I aspire too, I would probably be called SeerBlue the Garish, if the FHCO's didn't help out.
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    I was watching you make this map, and I have to say that I love it. This style is just great!

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    And after a little bit of hiatus (and after resurrecting my laptop) here are the finished maps in this little adventure series.

    The outside of the mine entrance with forbidding cliff:

    Dreeston and Surrounds-mineentrance.jpg

    The inside of the mines

    Dreeston and Surrounds-withpit.jpg

    A map they found on the wall of the chieftain's room behind a tapestry:

    Dreeston and Surrounds-goblinsketch.jpg

    Obviously this is a standard goblins in the mine adventure - it was the start of my new 4e campaign with a group I've been playing with for 20 years so I thought they deserved a proper old-school start. The maps were fun to create. I think I've got a style I'll stick with for my outdoor maps but I still need to work on the dungeon maps. The design was purposefully rigid and patterned for a reason, but the style of drawing could do with some work. I'll be playing with that in the future maps I work on. The real triumph for this series of maps was the regional one at the top of the thread. I am really pleased with how that came out.

    Anyway, now you have all the maps for this series on one place so you can see how they all fit together. Oh, and here's a taster of how they look in maptool in the middle of a 4e battle royale with hordes of goblins!

    Dreeston and Surrounds-goblins-.png

    The set dressing was added in maptool and the torch light defines what the characters can see.

    Oh, and so redrobes finished map catcher gets a pretty map, this goes at the bottom of the thread. The eastern edge of Dreeston with the Stormwatch Inn

    Dreeston and Surrounds-stormwatchinn.jpg

    Okay, so enough posting of old completed maps. Hopefully with all the moving done (almost - still need a bed and a sofa) I'll get some new WIP threads up in the next week or so.
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    Beautiful maps... I think your best one is the player handout tho... the attention to detail really makes it stand out among your other maps

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    Oftentimes when someone says that something is unique it is not always a compliment but for me I love your style and wish terribly that I could emulate it. Truly great work and I'm always left drooling.
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    whoah dude..... those maps rock!!!!!!!
    I especially like the snow ones, and the look of the cliffs

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