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Thread: Land map - Fantasy

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    If you want to make them stand out, you could put a line under, put them in bold, have a bigger font, or a different one. The guide here might help you for that : Positioning names on maps

    Massive like 1 gigabytes ?

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    I am certainly a fan of the author of the guide - have a link to him on my site. I have not read it - page by page - but have parts. On the other hand, red is the favorite color of children and is generally thought of as - in Dutch, Pas Op! - look here. Traffic lights. So, I wanted the viewer to note the locations of castles - but they are not large places so the font stays relatively small. I did go with sizing in place names - which made labels a distraction to the eye. So, I optioned to use a basic attention point - red. The tricky part is making it legible.

    Size - I've photoshop cs6 running with lots of memory. I follow the suggestions about labeling and stacking etc. But it is all separate layers. A map like I was trying to make will take a lot of layers. Exported as is, it is a massive jpg. Exported for web at 50% and reduced, it can be kept under 300k. But you will lose much fine tuning done on the big boy. Which poses the same question, how to make it stand out.

    I sound like a hopeless geek.

    Thanks for thinking of it.

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