Here is the WIP with more notes and details about our objectives.

[Fantasy] Dungeon Tileset by Arcknight-dungeon-layout-5.jpg [Fantasy] Dungeon Tileset by Arcknight-dungeon-layout-alterations.jpg

And by using our "Blank" tile, you can create a slew of more standard encounters as well, such as entering the dungeon and having a large area:

[Fantasy] Dungeon Tileset by Arcknight-layoutflat1.jpg

Or have an encounter in a "large open area" leading up to an altar:

[Fantasy] Dungeon Tileset by Arcknight-layoutflat2.jpg

Or if you have the table space, do whatever you want and create a large scene:

[Fantasy] Dungeon Tileset by Arcknight-layoutflat3.jpg

As always, feel free to add comments or check out or kickstarter. We've got a lot more to come, and currently 48 maps announced in our map-pack.