I haven't posted much here, but this site and community has been a huge help and inspiration and I thought I would share some of the maps I've been able to finish. In particular these maps were designed with the help of the Accension's atlas tutorial, which is here: Cartographers' Guild - [Award Winner] My atlas style in PS

These maps are for a series of books that I'm writing. I wanted maps that were clean and easy to read.

This is the broader political map.
Thessyls - Almanac style maps-thessyls-4-death-paladin.jpg

The following maps are regional maps based on the first one.
Thessyls - Almanac style maps-regional-lustaria.jpg
Thessyls - Almanac style maps-regional-gracien.jpg
Thessyls - Almanac style maps-regional-abydo.jpg

There are more maps on my website, if you're curious, with a lot more specific information on the landmasses. Thanks for everyone's help!
Sorrow's Rest - A Fantasy Series by E.M. Roylance