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Thread: City of Dallor

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    Hey Carbus,

    I stumbled over this map when looking for inspiration for a city about which I was writing an RPG adventure. The adventure's all about a deperate defense against an enemie's siege in a basically undefendable city and your Dallor's city layout was just perfect for my purpose. Now that I've written the adventure I was thinking to include a map of the city I'm writing about. Since I'm not very proficient in map making (yet), I wanted to ask you if I could get your permission to use your map before I despair over making a city map on my own.

    If you are considering, here are some details: I would change the city's name and (if you'd allow) its legend to my purpose. I'd refer to you as the creator of the original map, would indicate all changes I made and would add a link leading to your original map of Dallor. The adventure would be submitted to a non-commercial adventure contest on, which is a website for online roleplaying via Google Hangout or TS, and later uploaded on the site where it can then be downloaded for free. In terms of CC-licenses, this would be a CC BY-NC 4.0.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you and won't be upset at all if you don't want any of this - that's why I'm asking.

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    Beautiful work. I love the use of the stylistic elements!
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