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Thread: Clockwork Wars Commission

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    Default Clockwork Wars Commission

    I've actually been done with this for quite a while, just now got around to posting it.
    You can see their facebook page here.

    I still think I could've done much better, my favorite is still by far the lake that I made, also sorry about the low resolution - it's copyrighted and all that junk.

    Clockwork Wars Commission-clockwork-wars-tilework.jpg

    The border you see on the very bottom will be overlaid over the tiles during the print process, hence why the tiles don't match together perfectly.

    Edit: Ignore the old "attached thumbnails" version, I forgot to add the lake on the picture, so I had to re-upload.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Clockwork Wars Commission-clockwork-wars-tilework.jpg  
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