Hey this is my first post on the forums, but I have browsing the past couple of days while making my own world which is very losely based on Mars! By complete coincidence I stumbled on Moonfall while browsing for photoshop brushes and realised what I was looking at! Definitely Valles Marineris was what tipped me off, then the lakes and lastly Elysium. Really blew my mind and wanted to let you know! Small world I guess.

I'm curious how you went about deciding where on the planet exists life? Climates, etc. Was it just whatever seemed fun or something more than that? For the most part I've been taking Mars' stats: Day and Year length, axial tilt, etc but I'm getting stumped at this point. I dont mind fudging the science at all, but I wonder what method there was to your madness?

Great project by the way, looks fantastic!