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Thread: The Realm of Alenthia

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    Map The Realm of Alenthia

    So this is my first map (be gentle), but please let me know your opinions and ideas on how to better it.

    A little background info on what the map was made for. It was designed for a D&D 3.5 campaign, about a land that was united, until the Orcs declared war on the other races. They lost, and were declared an enemy to the land. So they built a wall (the red line) to hide their land from the rest of the world, and prevent the land from seeing the RE-creation of their army.

    If I could change anything in this map, it would be to make the text more readable.

    The Realm of Alenthia-newmap.png

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    I see some Middle-Earth influence in the names there

    There are some very common geographical mistakes on this map:
    * rivers that fork downstream rather than upstream
    * lakes/inner seas that have no rivers connected to them at all
    * a mountain range that runs to the coast and just stops abruptly there

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