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Thread: X1 Isle of Dread

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    Default X1 Isle of Dread

    Most of the maps I used for Isle of Dread which I just put my players through. As usual they dont have any hexes or grids as I use roll20 which drops them on and helps to move the characters. There were a few generic maps that I didnt bother to upload.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails X1 Isle of Dread-aranea-forest.jpg   X1 Isle of Dread-dread.jpg   X1 Isle of Dread-map-1.jpg   X1 Isle of Dread-map-2.jpg   X1 Isle of Dread-phanaton.jpg  

    X1 Isle of Dread-pirates.jpg   X1 Isle of Dread-plateau.jpg   X1 Isle of Dread-rakasta.jpg   X1 Isle of Dread-rope-bridge.jpg   X1 Isle of Dread-tanaroa.jpg  

    X1 Isle of Dread-temple-1.jpg   X1 Isle of Dread-temple-2.jpg   X1 Isle of Dread-temple-3.jpg  

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    Awesome maps.

    I am running my 16th level 4e group through a limited version of the Isle. Your fantastic maps will be quite useful. Thank you for the work you have done on them.

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