Jörðgarð Map of Week #169 - Osmowood Town-osmowoodtown_3000.jpg

With the 169th Map of the Week, we take a look at the Karelian agricultural town known as Osmowood Town.

Map Key:

1. Nyt River

2. Golden Sheaf Mill

3. Okku's Candles.

4. Osmo Tallow Works

5. Grainfields Slaughterhouse

6. Nuula's Malting House

7. Millpond

8. Erkki's Sawmill

9. Central Karelian Meat Packing

10. Nyt Valley Hops

11. Karelian Transportation

12. Arto's Fish Packing

13. Bridge Tavern

14. Jaako's Fruit Packing

15. Jean's Weapons

16. Osmowood Town Kiln

17. Osmowood Town Kiln - Quarry Shack

18. Osmowood Town Kiln - Quarry

19. Communal Brewery

20. Central Nyt Distillery

21. Blacksmith Tero

22. Virtu's Saddles and Riding Gear

23./24. Central Karelian Livestock Corral and Stockyard

25. City Hall and Assessor's Complex

26. Riverbend Inn

27. South Distillery.

28. Grainfields Textiles (Viljapelto Kudonnaiset)

29. Marketplace Tavern

30. Hurme's Weapons

31. Marketplace

32. Jonatan's Cooperage

33. Central Karelian Livestock

34. Mallat's Wagons and Sleighs

35. East End Tannery

36. Heidi's Footwear

37. Tailor Atso

38. Karelian Herbal Center

39. Leskinen's Leather Goods

40. Osmo Road Inn.

41. Julin's Marvelous Candles

42. Osmo and Nyt House Inn

43. Ruins of the East Nyt Shingle Works

44. Mieto's Butcher Shop

45. Kaarle's Bakery

You can get this map in two versions:

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2. As a JPG flat map of 3000 Pixels x 2000 Pixels, (3 MB), available above.

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Next Week: Karelenland - Osmowood West