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Thread: The world of Etrakien

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaidd Drwg View Post
    Just one thing: the river running from the inland see in the northern continent cuts through a mountain range which makes it look like it's flowing up instead of down.

    Other that than: kudos and rep
    I can see what you mean. But the river i supposed to run through a very steep river valley that is the gate to the wild north. Land of mystical creatures and fearsome barbarians. The country Krugland south of the valley i subject to both raids and commerce from the north. So the place is kind of a two sided coin that can give you a lot but also take it away as quickly.

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    Post Congratz

    Congratz on map. I like it

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    very nice.

    I think the best part of it is how much land there is which is unsettled. It lets one imagine what might be there.

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