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Thread: Westdiep (City Designer 3)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midgardsormr View Post
    Well, I don't know if it can't be solved, only that I haven't yet seen a solution. There were some discussions on the matter shortly after I joined the Guild, and no one at that time could do much about it, either. I wound up doing all my labeling for Imperial Vendria in Corel PhotoPaint because the CC3 text looked atrocious.

    Ravells said that he's been after PF to do something about it for a while. CC3 Continental Map: The Northlands
    Thanks for the link, I will read up on that.
    I never do any labelling in CC3 as that indeed looks atrocious. Hideous. Horrible. YUCK!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandwarf View Post
    Not much I think. I have exported these maps at enormous dimensions and when shrinking they still tend to get jaggies. I tried some different techniques in my Concetron map (adding blurs to the houses) and the jaggies are less of a problem there.
    I would urge you to look at my tut which covers resampling in some depth. I did say in that text that most programs really suck at down sampling and give some hints to fix the issue. Adding a blur of just the right size and using the fastest pixel resize (nearest neighbor) is in my opinion the best way to do it. I show examples of why I think this is true.

    [Award Winner] Bitmapped Images - The technical side of things explained. post #11 is where its at. Look at the image too and see the difference.

    If you have any more trouble then post a little bit of the map at high res and ill show what you need to do. Just looking at your map high res this time. Yes definitely and easily fixable but you will need to post a bit of city at 4x or so that res for me to show you if you cant figure it out from the tut.
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    I tried to make a post yesterday, but it didn't go through

    One thing that I have done that worked a little better was to use software that acted as a print driver but did the output as a JPEG file. I used one called Universal Document Converter, but there are other options. It seemed to do a little better for making smoother lines. Plus, you can print at massively large scale and then rescale it later which made an even bigger impact.

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