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Thread: Where Have I Been?

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    Praise Impressed is not good enough...

    Hello, HandsomeRob.

    One wonders if you are as handsome and beautiful as your maps are?

    (Hmmm... not sure that came out right... )

    I'm not sure I've been around long enough to realize you were away, however; welcome back.

    I am very impressed with the quality and beauty of your maps. Actually, impressed is not a good enough word to relay to you how taken I am by your mapping skills.

    I would be quite interested in any knowledge you would be willing to share as to how you create your maps. Your coastlines are exquisite, your mountains wonderful, your skill wonderous.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful maps. Consider yourself repped.


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    so when does the atlas get published? You doing any demographic work in there? You want to collab on the demographic stuff (more my strong suit)?
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    I am always inspired when I see these. Amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmmmmpig View Post
    so when does the atlas get published? You doing any demographic work in there? You want to collab on the demographic stuff (more my strong suit)?
    Well, I've got 25 more regional maps and 13 more continental maps to make yet, and then I want to index the whole thing (gah!), but after that point I will be self-publishing. Don't worry, I'll be sure to let you know.

    Demographics? Well, every city and town placed on my maps has a population figure listed in an excel sheet. Pretty much every nation has a population figure as well. I am a geek about populations. But maybe you have something else in mind that you'd want to tackle?


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    Watching you from in here


    Is it my imagination or did you have only 41 reputation just yesterday!

    You certainly deserve every point you've gotten.
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    got to add to the rep count!

    very cool, and prolific :cool:
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    I have repped you Rob, and if this is a second time for these maps, you truly deserve it!
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