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Thread: Bretoria at the beginning of the second time

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    An excellent map as always! Love your work. I am surprised it takes only 295 megs, LOL. I went nuts on a single island (300 DPI at poster sized) and its run up to almost 1.25 gigs. Of course I am incredibly inefficient with layers everywhere and experimenting like crazy, so it probably shouldn't be that big, LOL. Thank goodness I am almost done or I would be buying more RAM. But I digress.. great map! The rivers in the mountain valleys are excellent, very cool. My only quibble would be the black lines around the land, but I can live with that, heh heh.
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    Glad you guys have liked this one. This was my first serious project on creating digital map and my skills were limited. I agree on the black line around the land, but it felt rigt back then
    But I really loved the world as I was running a successfull RPG campaign in it and a lot of places are based on real adventures we had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pasis View Post
    No problemo...If someone wants to use this map in their campaign, I'm more than happy to post the parts here...
    I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to say how much I love the map, and if it's possible to get a higher resolution version of the unlabeled map? (Or just .bmp file)

    The current one has a fair bit of pixel bleed when zooming in, so a higher quality one woudl be sooo much appreciated for my campaign, thanks!

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